Self-Portrait. Binondo, Chinatown. June 2016.

I have always been drawn to lovers and people in love. Or couples, in different shapes, forms, sizes…facial expressions notwithstanding. I think it is an inherent character of mine to be fascinated by “the dance” of relationships.

One of my pastimes is to observe people (and observe life, in that same breath). To just be a silent spectator was a privilege. My fascination has been with people who are doing their own thing, in their own way. My friends have asked me if I have ever gotten in trouble for doing so, but I keep telling them, I haven’t. When I take pictures of people, I usually want to highlight what is good in them, and hopefully make them look great.

(Actually, I make it so in a way that if ever they would come across their picture online or wherever they photo will be placed, they won’t be able to complain, because in the first place, the photo highlights their great features.)

In this particular photo, I was with my friends going around Binondo, Chinatown. They went into a curio shop, and in it I saw an assortment of gems and plants and figurines. What caught my eye in particular was this shelf full of  happily married figurine old couples.

I find lovers fascinating, and this shelf of them was just really cute.

Me and a shelf full of “lovers”… instant self-portrait.















2 thoughts on “Self-portrait.

  1. First off, I love the subjects of your photographs! People like you are one of the reasons why I really want to learn more about photography. One day I might try my own hand at this art, but not today.Until that days comes I will follow you and your beautiful pictures!

    Also I nomanted you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! You defaintly desrve it~


  2. Hi there! 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment, @dragonflylogic101. I am very touched, and I would like to say that my need to photograph things is borne out of a desire to tell stories about things that are happening around me. It is the art form where I feel I am most expressive. Thank you for your nomination!


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