Ninety Three or “Grandmothers are God’s Perfect Mothers” :-)

My grandmother recently celebrated her third year as a nonagenarian.

We usually gather as a family during this momentous occasion, because we just want to celebrate every milestone we possibly can with her.

It was a very lively, energetic night. We had the restaurant booked for the private event, and we spent the hours talking, laughing and just sharing stories to catch up. These celebrations are absolutely a joy, and wherever we are, it almost always seems to feel like we are at my grandparents’ house’ living room, talking in our loud voices and boisterous laughter everywhere.

Good times, definitely. 🙂

My Lola has a birthday wish (which is also applicable for any day), and it is always on the lines of her winning the lotto, so she could bring everybody over for another big reunion. Haha.

🙂 Cheers!

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