Photo: Vintage Cameras

Leaving. March 2012.

Is film photography dead?

I’m sure it is very much alive…just not here, where I’m from.

These photos were taken a few years ago, while I was still living in Manila. I had been told that in my hometown, they still had those machines that printed from film negatives.

Ironically, they closed down a year before I got back, and the only ones in our area was in a photography shop in Colon area in Cebu.

(Currently looking at places online…will update soonest!)









5 thoughts on “Photo: Vintage Cameras

  1. This is the major problem with film photography nowadays, i guess. In the part of Israel I’m living there are no photolabs either. Solution? Develop film at home and scan.


    1. The task of developing is pretty daunting. I am tempted to just pool all my old film canisters and have them developed in one go in Manila. Developing myself would certainly be too taxing. A shop I saw online offered to put all the composites on a CD and from there, one can pick out what one wants to print.

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