On taking time off, and the paradox of silence

 I feel most productive working in crowded areas lately. I find silence while working to be (paradoxically) deafening and thus I relish the hubbub of normal human activity to be quite conducive to focus.

To be perfectly honest, I love the relative anonymity in my slightly darkened corner, relishing my savory basic food groups, as it is a welcome break from a week of focused attention.😊

Presently, an aunt came by with her brood and spied me in my corner and in a good-natured way, asked why I was alone. I could only grin and tell her that I was waiting for my cousins (which I was, actually), however, I left out the part about enjoying my solitude and just being at peace. It is quite calming to just be in someone’s (or some people’s) presence while they do what they do, no photos, no talk, just basking in their presence in the same room brings equal joy. 😊(They might not get it, though. ☺️)

Note: The snapshot is a beloved godson’s, a souvenir from his christening party, as I normally like to stick little doodads on my journals. That’s a stub nib Pilot Metropolitan (my favorite nib), inked with Sailor Jentle Ink, color varied by the lighting). (April 14, 2018, Dumaguete City) .I

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